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TIG Welding Settings – What Are All The ones Knobs?


TIG Welding Settings – What Are All The ones Knobs?. Some producers of TIG welding machines additionally promote little slide rule kind calculators that should assist the welder set the dials on a TIG welder device. For essentially the most section, they’re actually at hand.

However, there are occasions when I suppose the engineers have been smoking crack. For instance, when you set the slide rule for 1/4″ metal, it will show that you wish to have 250-200 amps with DCEN polarity.

TIG Welding Settings - What Are All The ones Knobs?

250-300 amps for a fillet weld on 1/4″ metal?

Are you kidding me?. Those little weld calculators are beneficial for newbs. As a result, they’re an able reference for the entire TIG welder device settings like polarity, prime frequency, and different variables that make a significant distinction in now not best TIG welding but additionally MIG and stick welding.

I know a man who has little labels caught all over the place on his Miller Syncrowave 250 TIG welding device so that he does not have to seem it up every time he welds one thing. He’s a machinist who does some welding. Now not a complete-time welder.


With the entire CNC techniques he has to take into account in conjunction with feed speeds and many others., he does now not care to memorize TIG welding settings. A welding calculator would actually assist him.

Remember those down-and-grimy pointers for environment TIG welders; perhaps you won’t even desire a welding calculator.

1. For Steels, stainless steels, Nickel alloys, titanium, and many others (the entirety apart from aluminum and magnesium)

DCEN, prime frequency on getting started best, Argon gasoline flowmeter set on 20 for with a #7 gasoline lens kind nozzle/cup, amperage transfer on far-flung, contactor transfer on far-flung

2. For Aluminum and Magnesium

A/C, prime frequency set to steady, argon, or argon/helium combine flowmeter set to fifteen cfh with a #7 cup if the device is supplied with A/C stability, set it to 7, amperage transfer on far-flung, contactor transfer on.