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Heart of Metal


easyweldingprojects.com – Heart of Metal, Do you have an old bike you want to get rid of? Remove the chain and turn it into lovely hearts! Other figures/symbols can also be created.

Step 1: Getting Tools

This is what you require:

Welding equipment (or adhesive) chain cuts (pliers, hammer: used to “assemble the chain,” you can also use the chain cutter)

Step 2: Create the Chain Heart

Make the Chain Heart

Cut the chain to the required length (you pick; longer chain = more welding = more giant heart).


I propose a distance of roughly 20 centimeters (or 8 inches)

Step 3: Welding

Mark the areas where you want to weld. Start welding! (or gluing…)

I don’t use a magnet. However, it can help you preserve the shape of the heart.


Find a cord or rope to hang the heart with!

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