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Fiberglass Filler – What’s it and Why Apply it to Auto Frame Maintenance?


Fiberglass Filler – What’s it and Why Apply it to Auto Frame Maintenance?

Fiberglass Filler - What's it and Why Apply it to Auto Frame Maintenance?

What Is Fiberglass?

Uncooked fiberglass is available as a comfortable material like the subject matter. When saturated with liquid resin and tougher, it becomes arduous and sturdy. There don’t seem to be too many fiberglass auto portions on modern-day automobiles, as they all began using different composites like SMC and Carbon Fiber.

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On the other hand, fiberglass used to be on early-type corvettes, truck hoods, and many different portions. There are, nonetheless, aftermarket portions made of fiberglass and used for boats and jet skis.

The Distinction Between Fiberglass and Fiberglass Filler

Fiberglass filler is available in a can and is blended with a cream hardener. It mixes so much like common frame filler. However, it’s thicker and a bit tougher to combine. The fill-in reality has fiberglass jumbled in it. It comes with brief hair and lengthy hair. That is the duration of the fiberglass.

This is blended within the filler. Each supplies very good water-resistant houses as they don’t soak up water. Each fiberglass fillers are more potent than common frame filler. The long hair filler delivers the most power essentially out of the 2. On the other hand, those fillers are very tricky to sand.

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The filler could also be thick, which makes it arduous to stage and clean like common frame filler.


Why Use Fiberglass Filler If It is So Tough To Sand

The rationale we using fiberglass filler in auto frame restore isn’t truly the added power for the water-resistant houses. It’s endorsed to use a skinny layer of fiberglass filler over any welding this is carried out. Frame filler absorbs moister, which can end up in corrosion and rust.

By way of the use of the fiberglass, we get rid of the moister absorption downside. Since our primary objective is to seal the welded space, the short hair fiberglass is enough for the application.

What Can Fiberglass Filler Be Used On

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This filler can be utilized over bare steel or fiberglass.

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Completing The Restore

As I discussed, fiberglass does now not sand smartly. For this reason, I recommend simplest making use of a small quantity of the welded spaces and tough sanding it. After that is completed, you’ll be able to observe frame filler at the best of the fiberglass filler and end the restore as you generally would the use of frame filler.


You will have to put on the right protection apparatus when sanding any filler. On the other hand, excessive warnings will have to be taken when filing fiberglass merchandise. It now not simplest itches and worsen your pores and skin. However, this cannot be good to breathe the fiberglass.

Make sure to put on a licensed mud breathing, gloves, and eye coverage, and you will even wish to put on disposable paint. Take a cold bath if one of the most fiberglass gets to your pores and skin. This may lend a hand stay your pores small and make allowance for the fiberglass to clean off.

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